March 6, 2015

Miss Pickles' Diary

Hello, my name is Zoey.
 Brother calls me Pickles.

He says, "Everyone loves pickles."
 I'm OK with that. I love pickles too.

Today, I wasn't comfy at naptime so I couldn't get to sleep. 
I didn't have my favorite blankies -- they were in the wash
I lost my favorite binky under the couch 
and my teeth hurt.

Mommy suggested that we get dressed and go bye-bye. 
I love to go bye-bye and I love to get dressed.
I picked out my favorite necklace and we were on our way.

Well, almost on our way.
 I had to remind Mommy that I needed an "appa" (which really means orange)
She gets so confused by that. 
"Orange," she says
"Appa?" I say.
Like, seriously lady, when will you get it.

We were walking, I had my hands full and I like to live on the edge.
 I just bit right into that appa.

After mom peeled my appa we walked some more and I ate my cackers.

I really wanted to go see those flowers but Mom said those belong to someone else...

So we found these pretty purple flowers instead.
Hello pretty flower.

My food fell on the ground.
 No big deal, I'm not afraid of dirt.
I ate that food anyway.


We explored some more.
 I don't like to stay in one place for too long. 
Gotta keep Mommy on her toes, you know? 

After a bit of walking I found this awesome, random pile of dirt.

 What better way to end my adventure than right there
In the dirt.


  1. This is so cute!! So will be so thankful you did this for her!!