April 27, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

 Our third strawberry.
{I didn't catch the other two before they rotted}

Teaching his sister how to blow on it to make it spin 

"Here a go Mama...bow"

The beginnings of an orange!

March 12, 2015

Miss Pickles' Princess Diaries

It's me, Pickles. 
Mom and I went on another adventure today.

When I woke up from my nap she asked me if I wanted to go take pictures.
Uh, duh. When do I not want to go take pictures? 
I was so excited when she got out my Princes "Be-w" dress, I couldn't get it on fast enough!

A tea party with Mrs. Potts and Chip. AND Goldfish "cackers"? NO WAY!

Um, "mama".... there seems to be a problem here.

You see, I can't continue this photo shoot without some "cackers" in both "cuppas".

Ah. That's better.

"Ah dun" with my tea party. Let's explore!

You know, this crown is starting to give me some problems. 

Being a princess isn't always easy, I guess.

Ah, take it OFF!

There. that's better.

Alright, mama. Let's play that really cool game where I run away from you and you run in front and catch me. That's my favorite game.

I'm ready to put my crown back "ohn".

There we go, that's better. Now I can rule the lands.

C'mon mama.... let's go rule the lands...

March 10, 2015

Building Bonds

Last night I made a new rule: If Z wakes up first, he goes downstairs and does school work quietly. If Bray wakes up first, he comes into my room.
This whole time I thought it was Z waking Bray up. 
Guess who crawled into my bed this morning while his brother lay snoring in their room? 

These two rarely get any time together, but one thing they are always sure to fight bond over are mega blocks. Bray builds airplanes, Zo destroys the airplanes.
 It's so fun. 

This morning was different though. They built together, they built separately.
But most importantly, they built entirely argument free. 

I was so proud of Bray for being a big brother and holding back his frustration when his sister (inevitably) broke his (10th) beloved airplane. 

 Instead of getting angry he just built it back up again.